Joshua Weathersby

Joshua Weathersby is an award-winning screenwriter and editor based in Los Angeles.

Joshua’s storied music video career has seen him work with such notable artists as: The Jonas Brothers, Mariah Carey, B2K, Dierks Bentley, Nick Cannon, T-Pain, Chris Brown, and My Chemical Romance, just to name a few.

Joshua has created and directed many artistic projects including Laundry Day, the Superman fan- film that is taking Geekfest and Comic Cons by storm and which won him the Harold Award for Best Director at the first annual Al Malaikah Shriner’s Showbiz Shrine Club in 2021, the legendary short, The Angler starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, and funktastic music video “Going to the Party” for Charles Wright. His screenplay, Joshua’s Soul, won Best Urban Drama at the New York International Independent Film Festival, and his editing on the documentary Sour earned him the award for best editing from the Boston International Film Festival. Weathersby is executive producer on several projects, including feature films Bomb Pizza and his directorial debut Rocky’s Galaxy, as well as the award-winning short The Way That I Am with You.


Joshua Weathersby is the founder and CEO of Endless Mile Studios, a full-service production and transmedia company focused on inclusive storytelling across all spectrum of media.


Preferred pronouns: he/him/that guy!